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10 Songs to Get You Through The First Week of March

If you need a pick-me-up to get you through yet another week of this miserably cold weather-look no further!

1. I Really Like You – Carly Rae JepsenShe’s baaa-aaack! And it’s a good one, I promise! Plus, with a total of 67 “really”s sung, you’ll have the lyrics down in no time!

2. Fuck U Betta – Neon HitchIf you’re not feeling like a true superstar as you shrug on your parka for the 87th time this year, this one will have you strutting around campus like you own everyone in your way.

3. Viva Las Vegas – AquaYes, Aqua was still a thing as recently as a few years ago. This banger is from their “comeback” album (you be the judge of how successful that was for them), but it’s a definite step up from “Barbie Girl”.

4. Lost In The Mix – YYZIf your winter look has been the same every day out of necessity, try something new on for size with Toronto-based YYZ. This one will have you dancing around the room in mere moments! Just make sure you’re not in the middle of a lecture when you start to play this one.

5. All Hands On Deck – Tinashe.The first rule here is to make sure you listen to the album cut, NOT the single treatment where the song comes to an abrupt half 2/3 of the way in so Igloo Australia can mumble inchorently over some lazy beat about making 1/5th what Nicki does for a verse. If you haven’t heard of Tinashe by now, you need to find yourself some friends who actually love you…and then blare this. It’s a bop.

6. Freak – Kelly Rowland.Fact: Kelly is the most underrated of Destiny’s children. I mean, at least Michelle has “Poor Michelle” to her name. Kelly has a discography about cunnilingus that nobody’s checked for. That said, Freak will have you wanting to get down and dirty…and nothing puts you in a better mood than that, am I right? (Be safe!

7. Trouble – Neon Jungle.With this pounding through your ears, you’ll be using the campus as your catwalk. If you’re not whipping your hair by the chorus, I can only assume it’s because you’ve been scalped by how hard these girls came on this track.

8. Diva – BeyonceLet’s be real, nothing will make you feel like a bad bitch quite like Queen Bey. Just embrace it

9. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie GouldingIgnore the fact that this is taken off the soundtrack for 50 Shades of Domestic Abuse for Dummies and just give yourself over to how good this is. It positively explodes towards the end of the chorus. Obsessed.

10. I’m Gonna Getcha Good – Shania Twain.Our girl Eileen is coming back to rescue us all. She’s got a new live album/dvd out this week, she’s on GMA Wednesday, she’s been in the studio…and she’s been teasing big news for weeks now. While you all break down in hysterics, tide yourselves over with this classic.

Ben Samuels

Toronto MU '16

Benjamin is a reluctant third-year English major at Ryerson University and the newly minted Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Ryerson.You can reach Benjamin on twitter and instagram @iamsashagay, and by email at benjaminkent@hercampus.com
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