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When the Common Cold Becomes the College Cold

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

A new semester means a new wave of sickness on campus. 

No matter what variation of the college cold, frat flu, or campus cough you may have, it seems like the entire student body is “down bad” lately. It seems like each day someone new texts me they are sick. I myself fell victim to the dreaded cold. No matter how many negative COVID tests I took, I was sick to my core. 

How can we better protect ourselves from the germs flying around campus? Better yet, when we end up coughing up a lung, how can we get better quickly? 

Protecting Yourself 

  1. Stock Up  

Keep your bathroom filled with common cold medicines, cough drops, hand sanitizers, vitamins, and other beneficial items. Personally, I am a big fan of “Emergen-c” packets. They mix with water and greatly boost vitamin c to keep your immune system strong.   

  1. Sleep!!!  

I know this can seem impossible with a crazy schedule in college. Sleep is the best way to let your body reset every day. If you are too overbooked, running from place to place, chances are you are breaking down your immune system. 

  1. Find a Stress Reliever  

Stress plays a huge part in immune health. Higher levels of stress will push you to limits and bring your risk of getting sick up as well as extending recovery times. 

How to Take Care of Yourself if You Get Sick 

  1. DO NOT go to class  

As much as you fear missing information, being sick in a classroom will make it nearly impossible to absorb anything. Rather than putting yourself at further risk, along with your fellow classmates. Reach out to your professors, they will generally be understanding and accommodating, and find a friend to give you notes. 

  1. Find your local Urgent Care  

 Local urgent care locations can be your best friend when you’re sick. They can prescribe you medications within the same day of your visit. I have always had great experiences. The earlier you go, the better. 

  1. Sleep Even More AND Drink Liquids  

When you are sick, drinking water or electrolyte-filled drinks is a great help. I may not be a doctor, but I know sleep is the best way to get better. Take your supplements and take long steamy showers. 

No one wants to get sick, but in a cramped college campus that can seem unavoidable at times. If you stay in your best condition it is important to be diligent in your sleep habits and general sanitization. The frat flu doesn’t have to be a rite of passage. 

Mara is a junior Journalism major as well as a Political Science minor, and also working on a certificate in Spanish at Temple University. She is from New Jersey and proud of it! She loves producing shows at school, going on big adventures, writing stories, and tacos! You can follow her instagram @mara.jt