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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Be ready to binge watch for the weekend.

As we all know, fall is quickly approaching. In my opinion, there is no other time to have fun while being cozy and comfortable than for Netflix shows and movies! I enjoy Netflix because it shows what is trending in the US by providing a Top 10 rating, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy numerous films that others like too. I also think it is fun to have so many choices because you never know what genre you might be in the mood for, especially with Fall and Halloween coming up.  

The shows I have been watching recently are Young and Hungry, Jane the Virgin, and a new one called Echoes. These are all good sources of entertainment when searching for new shows because you can watch them with friends, alone, or with family. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a good laugh, Netflix added a movie called Me Time to its catalog. It stars Kevin Hart and it is really funny. In perfect timing for the fall, Hubie Halloween and other spooky  movies are available to enjoy for this season. Lastly, although this is not on Netflix, I find The Kardashians as another source of entertainment when I am bored or with my roommates. This show is on Hulu and their second season comes out on September 22nd. 

I am excited to see what other new shows and movies Netflix offers, and I hope these suggestions make their way to the watch list. I think these are perfect for the upcoming chilly and rainy days!  

Zoe Fay

Temple '25

arts+ entertainment staff writer for Temple campus