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What’s Happening In The Kardashians New Series?

Let’s keep up with the Kardashians!  

The Kardashians. Whether you love them or not, they are always in the media or trending online for doing something new. They explore new fashion statements and pieces that influence other people who see them on social media.  

People also love watching them on their new show The Kardashians, after watching them for years on Keeping up with the Kardashians. The reality show is fun to watch because it shows the lives of both the Kardashians and Jenner’s with their kids. The show also features all their traveling.  

Kim Kardashian is shown often, and we follow her life with her children. She also spends time modeling for exclusive and expensive brands like Prada and Balenciaga, along with her sister Kendall. The two were seen going to Italy to model clothing and Kendall walked the Prada runway for the first time.  

In the show, they explained how unreal it is to have two family members working in the same country. There is always something interesting happening with this family whether it’s an announcement, party, or drama.  

We see Khloe Kardashian going through a stressful time involving the cheating scandal of her ex-partner Tristian Thompson. They mainly discuss how he has a child with someone else and the problems he has caused. These issues are detailed in the show, which fuels the drama.  

Kris Jenner is always trying to cheer Khole up in the show by planning cute events for her to enjoy. Kris also planned to have a family dinner to talk about the situation. In recent episodes, Martha Stewart was even invited over to talk to Khloe about owning peacocks.  

Kim talks about her relationship with Pete Davidson and often mentions her situation with co-parenting with Kanye West. In this episode, she jokes about how Kanye texts her about what she wears in public and how he suggests other styles.  

As most of us are aware, Kanye is known for saying and doing some “out of pocket” things. Recently, this has included accusations of releasing his children’s location at the private school they all attend. This caused Kim to pay extra money to hire security guards in hopes of more protection since it is unsafe. The new episode that comes out soon shows previews them partying and having fun.  

The Kardashians have been a big part of reality TV for a while and their fans look up to and admire them for their lifestyle. Overall, I think they are inspiring to people as they have creative and fun strategies that they use to stay relevant in the media. Trust me, dolls, they know exactly what they are doing! 

Zoe Fay

Temple '25

arts+ entertainment staff writer for Temple campus