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Although it may be something we take for granted, music has continuously played an integral role in our day to day lives as students.

As you are walking on campus, you see nearly every student is wearing headphones. Until this moment, you never stopped to realize just how many students always have their AirPods in — jamming to music while on their way to class, during a study session, or while eating in the dining hall. 

Music plays an enormous part in our lives, and most of us probably don’t even realize it. Music can be relaxing and can fight off stress — a useful tool for many students when fending off nerves on their way to class or when trying to keep calm while tackling a big project. It can help to tune out distractions, allowing students to concentrate better and efficiently finish their work. 

Additionally, it can be helpful in promoting the enhancement of the perception of language and the strengthening of communication skills. What we listen to is reflective of who we are and music can often be a great way of building relationships and getting to know people. 

Looking through the college perspective, we see students all around campus with headphones. We rarely realize how much time we spend walking in between classes and how much of our focus is centered on our own little worlds.

Not only is music there to help us during difficult times at school but it’s also there as an outlet to express ourselves and how we feel. There’s music for every feeling and a lot of the time, students just want to be able to walk without having to talk to anyone. 

Music can play a big part in everyone’s lives; there’s just something about it that makes us all feel good. A lot of times, students miss home and listening to music can help them feel in touch with their cultures. Music allows students to connect, no matter the distance.

In my experience, music helps me remember where I come from, reminding me of my Hispanic household at times when I need it most. Spanish music reminds me of back home and whenever I miss it, I can always listen to it and feel like everything is okay. 

Feeling the beat puts me in a great mood for class, helping clear my mind in stressful situations and making my walk to class far more enjoyable.  Music is not only there for students to focus on work or to listen to as background noise. It’s a tried and true method for connecting — making it easier to start conversations and find comforting communities.

Music has helped so many students deal with their feelings, find their motivation, and, best of all, immerse themselves in a world a little more entertaining than reality. Click here to listen to a Spotify playlist I curated that reminds me of my culture, my friends, and my past.

Nathaly is a college student at Temple University in her second year. She is currently majoring in journalism and minoring in dance.
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