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Tried and True is Always Timeless: A Book Review of Derek Blasberg’s Classy

Let’s face it, ladies. We’ve all encountered that unkempt classmate or outspoken friend who you’d kill to straight up tell her that she needs a makeover; the former on her appearance and the latter on her manners.

Being polite and looking to avoid the route of brutal honesty, we keep our mouths shut. But Derek Blasberg, the author of the New York Times Bestseller, Classy, doesn’t. 

Classy is comparable to a crash course in classic fashion sense and timeless acts of courtesy;c Handbags and Handshakes 101, if you will. With a voice chock-full of the sarcastic, witty opinions of a know-it-all, but, also, the love of someone who truly cares about you, Blasberg proves that sometimes, the tried and true will never go out of style.

For each chapter (all beginning with “A Lady…,”) Blasberg addresses a specific everyday situation the modern woman may find herself in and offers practical advice on how she can handle herself gracefully. 

In “A Lady Gets Dressed,” he provides explanations for matters such as precisely how long a girl should borrow her best friend’s favorite pumps, as well as a woman’s right, and privilege, to accessorize.

“A Lady Faces Temptation” tackles the trashiness associated with cigarettes and the tricky science behind determining if, and where, a lady should get a tattoo.

While certain facets of external appearances are emphasized, Classy is anything but superficial. In “A Lady is Always Learning,” Blasberg teaches a very important lesson: just as a lady is what she eats, she is also what she reads, because the novel on her nightstand reveals plenty about her personality.     

The dead-on, astonishingly accurate advice doesn’t stop here. Sometimes harsh, but downright funny all the while, Blasberg offers his expertise on what a lady should do when she receives an invitation, throws a party, goes abroad, makes friends, and looks for love.

What sets Classy apart are the interactive quizzes, relevant, insightful quotes, and visual aids of what a lady looks like in comparison to her not-so-chic counterparts that paint its pages.

As society becomes more and more modern, so does the behavior of those who are a part of it. Nowadays, vulgar language is commonplace and the scantily clad are embraced. A genuine, sophisticated lady, however, can (with the help of Classy) step back from all this and realize time honored traditions in both fashion and politeness will always be oldies, but goodies.

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