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As the Spring 2022 semester is coming to an end, and we become swamped with projects, presentations, and finals, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with stress and lose sight of what is around us. We are constantly surrounded by a beautiful world filled with amazing people and a wide range of opportunities, yet sometimes we forget this and accidentally, end up taking advantage of our situations that we are granted. We’re always focused on the ‘big’ things’ in life, however, it is the small things that make life big.

Here is a list of little things I appreciate that I recommend we all acknowledge and treasure

  • Spending time with your family and friends
    • Whether it be in person, over video chat, or simply via text message, catching up with your loved ones is always comforting. Our family, or the people we consider our family, are the most important and closest people we have. They are our ‘home’ in terms of human beings, and their presence should never be taken for granted. It’s necessary that we make time for them, even if it’s not face to face. Just letting someone know you care about them or are thinking about them can go a long way, and knowing that you are blessed to be loved by so many people is definitely something to be appreciative of.
  • Meeting new people
    • I really take this bullet point personally, mostly because I have spent most of my first two years of college online. For quite a while, I was getting used to it. I was getting used to wearing the same outfit everyday, going to class white sitting in my bed, spending the entire day inside, but the worst of it all, getting too comfortable with consistency. It started getting to the point where I viewed college as something to merely ‘finish out,’ rather than take advantage of. Now that we are in person and we are constantly surrounded by other students and faculty members, opportunities await. There is so much creativity, originality, and uniqueness out there, and every person we cross paths with is for a reason.
  • Your uniqueness
    • Though it can be hard to value your individuality, it should not be seen as a complicated task. It is such an amazing thing that each of us, though there are close to 8 billion of us that fill the world, are all different and complex in our own ways. Nobody is the exact same as you. Instead of shunning self-love, that is all the reason we should practice it. Instead of fearing those differences, or trying to change yourself in order to ‘fit in’ or distort your individuality, it’s important for us to recognize, accept, and embrace them.
  • Laughing until your stomach hurts
    • I would argue that laughing until your stomach hurts largely comes when you surround yourself with the right people who love and appreciate you. Very recently, my roommate and I got extremely close, and it is never a dull moment when we spend time together. She has taught me to see life in a different, more easy-going yet high-spirited perspective. She helps me feel comfortable in stressful situations, and she pushes me out of my comfort zone in positive ways. She is also probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and is constantly making me laugh so hard that my stomach feels like I’m getting an ab-workout in. As I have surrounded myself with her presence, I’ve realized that it contributes to a happier lifestyle. After all, they do say that laughter is the best medicine as it reduces stress, improves moods, and increases positivity. It can be a feeling that might not happen often, so when it does, we should hold onto it for as long as we can.
  • Making other people happy
    • Doing things for others that can contribute to their happiness is an empowering feeling. Making others happy can create a happier community, society, world at large. You never know what someone may be going through, and even the smallest of actions can help, even do as much as save someone’s life. The Story of Kyle is one that is worth mentioning here, where one boy’s befriending of an outcast new kid at school stops him from committing suicide. To read more: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/the-story-of-kyle/. Another example worth mentioning is @Mdmotivator on Tiktok, who constantly spreads positivity through spreading mental health awareness, making donations and GoFundMe pages to those in need and simply provides himself for people in need. For example, he will stand outside of public areas giving out roses, or holding up posters that read, “if you feel heartbroken or empty, hug me”. His actions go such a long way, and he sets the precedent for how more of us should be towards each other.
  • Doing your favorite hobby
    • Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes we get swamped with responsibilities to the point where we may not have enough time to participate in our favorite activities or hobbies. Something that brings us joy is always something we should learn to appreciate, and having that time is something to also be appreciative of because you never know what life can throw at you. Having the chance to do things that make you happy, and overall make you a better you, is something that we should never take for granted. I personally enjoy cooking, it makes me feel good. I love the feeling of putting work in to create something, and rewarding myself with that first, delicious bite. Here is a list of other hobbies to consider pursuing:
      • Exercising
      • Journaling
      • Reading
      • Traveling
      • Self-care
      • Binge watching
  • Taking a day off to recharge your batteries
    • It is important we stay on top of our responsibilities, but it is also important to know when enough is enough. Pushing ourselves beyond our capabilities can only set us back, and there will be times when we need to take a break. These breaks can range from minutes, to hours, to days, to weeks, but it is important to understand ourselves and how we can produce the best work without burning ourselves out. It should never be frowned upon to take time off for yourself, and when you do, it can leave you feeling completely recharged and ready to tackle new tasks and challenges in ways that you might not have been able to before.

Not everyone might have the figures in life we do, the opportunities we are granted, or a space they feel comfortable within. There will be challenges that set us back along the way, that is inevitable. However, keeping in mind what you do have can help you bounce back from these hardships and even help you cope with the situation in beneficial ways. Appreciating the little things can open doors to more opportunities, improve mental and physical health, improve sleep patterns, and increase self-esteem. As we learn to appreciate the little things that are at our fingertips daily, it can contribute to a happier, more grounded, and gratitude-filled life.

Carsen Vespe

Temple '24

Hello! My name is Carsen Vespe and I am currently studying Communications, specifically Media Studies and Production on a Media Business track at Temple University. I am currently a sophomore, but I will be furthering my education next semester as a junior at a different University. Her Campus has provided me with an amazing opportunity to expand on my writing skills, and I am fortunate that I was able to be one of the Campus & News Life section writers during my time at Temple. Following graduation, I hope to pursue something within my Communications degree where passion is the fuel to my success.
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