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Anna Schultz-Friends Holding Hands Skateboards
Anna Schultz-Friends Holding Hands Skateboards
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

The Era of Female Skaters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

He was a Skater Boy. She said see you later boy.  

Avril Lavigne initiated the punk rock skater girl vibe of the 2000s. Everyone’s anthem of 2002 was the hit song off her debut album “Sk8ter Boi”. This sparked a multitude of styles such as heavy black eyeliner, studded accessories, and high-top converse. Everyone wanted colored streaks in their hair, spiked cuffs on their wrist, and to be a rockstar. Even though you think the iconic Ms. Lavigne would have sparked a change in the skate world, today the statics of skaters stand as 77.1% are male, whereas 23.9% are female.  

Here at Temple, the skate community is highly diverse in gender and race. Temple’s diversity this year is at a striking high. With the vibrant diverse incoming class, you can also see the multitude of hobbies each person has. I‘m sure everyone has seen the large population of skaters on campus. You can hear the rustling of their skateboard wheels on the cobble stone while you are walking or see them come into class with a decked-out skateboard. The skateboard community gives you a chance to be connected and feel included. Everyone is very welcoming at the park and the amount of fashionable clothes you see there is unreal. The park just exudes swagger in every way possible. The recognition of women in the skating industry and at Temple is simply looked over. This also drives people away from trying to enter a community where they belong. So here are some reasons to join the lively skate community of Temple.  

Skating is an Inexpensive Way of Transportation: 

Skating around campus is efficient. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a scooter or hoverboard, you can catch the Septa into Center City and grab a board from Nocturnal Skateshop on S 5th St, for as low as $30. Not to mention the skate shop is also a clothing store that sells shoes and clothing. You can find graphic tees and the newest trendy shoes only 15 mins away from campus.  

Setting Goals and Feeling Accomplished: 

While we’ve all learned about having a growth mindset in school, we can take this mindset and apply it to our own hobbies. You can set your own goals for skating such as skating a certain distance every day to make sure you are staying fit or a new trick to learn weekly. Everyone knows how accomplished you feel after achieving goals and taking this positive mindset into a hobby like skating will further your confidence in believing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  

Mental Health: 

Just like any other hobby, skating can be used to take your mind off the stressful aspects of college. Self-care through skateboarding will build resilience in your mentality. This includes picking yourself up after you fall and continuing to pursue the sport.  


Everyone deserves to feel welcomed and included. In the skating community you will find people who will introduce you to new music and fashion trends. People supporting you in newly learning the sport will translate into bonds of friendship. 

Girls can do it Better than Boys:  

In this male-dominated field, girls should take this as an encouragement to break the gender boundary. Women are known for being innovative and tough in overcoming challenges. Conquer the skating world in your own creative way because girls do it best! 

Kristina is a Boston native and Temple Class of 2026! She loves Don Toliver, caramel coffee, museums, concerts, spending time with her boyfriend, and shoe shopping. You can find her on campus at the College of Liberal Arts where she is studying Political Science!