A Review of Travis Scott’s “Look Mom I Can Fly”

Houston rapper Travis Scott has been breaking records and making headlines for years now, with the release of his album, “Astroworld,” in 2018, followed by an insane world tour that has only elevated his superstar status. To top it off, his documentary, “Look Mom I Can Fly,” premiered on Netflix in late August and peaked interest of fans who wanted a more behind-the-scenes look at Scott’s life. 

Though he’s consistently releasing music, dropping instantly sold-out sneakers and constantly seen in the media with Kylie Jenner and their daughter, Stormi, most people would consider Travis Scott to be more on the private side when it comes to sharing his personal life with the world. This was a huge factor in building up the hype for his documentary, which fans assumed would give them a more intimate insight on the rapper’s life. However, according to Twitter, the fans were surprised at how little they learned about Travis Scott in 84 minutes of the documentary. 

“Look Mom I Can Fly” starts with an interview of Travis Scott on a rollercoaster, which is fitting since his album“Astroworld” was named after and inspired by the theme park in Houston, which was torn down in 2005. Scott had an attachment to the park since his childhood, and when the park was demolished, he started making music. “Astroworld” was intended to keep the legacy of the park alive and honor the city of Houston. Following the theme, the stage had a giant roller coaster and carousel for Travis Scott to ride while performing, when he wasn’t diving into the crowd or pulling fans up onstage. 

The documentary unfolds with footage of fans from all over the world going absolutely crazy in the crowd, proudly announcing to the camera that they had survived after the show was over. Which not everybody can fully say, considering you can see a ton of bodies at the show dead-weighting and being pulled out by security from people going unconscious from the intensity of the crowd. No matter the size or type of venue, it is clear to the audience that Travis Scott knows how to excite a crowd. So much so that the documentary shows him getting arrested for allegedly inciting a riot after his performance in Arkansas. His fans love it.

I would say the clips of Scott and his fans stage-diving and raging at the concert took up the majority of the duration of the film, followed closely by some footage of Scott and his team recording and mixing the album and reacting to the final product by, also, going crazy. It is interesting to see the process of the album coming together and the amount of work Scott put in towards making this concert live up to his own expectations. He was there with his team talking logistics and safety every step of the way, while still attempting to make the experience as fun as possible for the audience. You can tell he’s really passionate.

The documentary admittedly seems like much more of a testimony to how crazy his concerts are than a depiction of Travis Scott’s real, regular life. This being said, there are a few home videos from his childhood included, like him blowing out the candles of his birthday cake or riding around in a toy car. There is also some footage of Scott in the delivery room with Kylie Jenner, celebrating their daughter Stormi, and a little bit of them as a family afterwards. Possibly the most emotionally vulnerable Scott gets in the film is when he’s at the Grammys and loses in the three categories that he is nominated for. Though he is visibly upset and frustrated, the documentary quickly goes back to concerts and stage dives.

By the end of the documentary, nothing had really been shown that a Travis Scott fan would not already know before watching. The major take-aways from the film centered around the insanity of the tour and the effect Travis has on his fans. A ton of people are shown throughout the documentary reacting to their “Astroworld” experience. Whether they thought they were going to die or were so emotional they cried multiple times, almost everybody agreed it was the best day of their lives.