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Meet Blahir aka “Outcasted & Fantastic” of iBlog!

Smart, goofy and fun, Blahir is full of life. Always thinking outside of the box and refusing to be defined, Blahir is tenacious and ready to see and explore the world. 

Beautiful in every single way, Blahir will defy all odds and excel in everything that she touches!

Here is one of Blahir's post from her blog, Blahir's Most!


When I hear people stereotyping any culture, it drives me crazy. For example, the
 movies Boys N’ The Hood, Friday and Don’t Be a Menace; these movies make black people seem so ghetto, poor, violent and illiterate. The bad part is that these movies are supposed to be comedic and eventually people of different cultures start to think this about our whole culture.

Another example of stereotyping is when people say that all Asians are good at math, doing nails, chess and that they can’t drive and that white people carol, are stuck and rich; like wtf (what the freak, no cursing).

Everybody is different so therefore not every culture is the same. I hear my friends tell me that I live around people like Boys N’ The Hood, which is totally bananas, loco, insane, stereo-typish, ignorant. I know that it seems like a lot but all I’m saying is don’t stereotype because it makes certain people question your character. :)<3

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