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Celebrating Six Years of Demi Lovato’s Sobriety

March 15th celebrates six years since Demi Lovato went into treatment and it’s amazing how far she has come.

In honor of her sobriety, here are six reasons why we love her:

1. One for the cause

Demi is known for her big heart and always participates in any cause/fundraiser she can, from visiting children in hospitals diagnosed with cancer, to going abroad, to even personally giving out charity checks in person. Way to give back Demi!

2. Being honest with fans

Fans love when their favorite celebrities are as genuine behind the scenes as they are in front of the camera. When it comes to her fans, Demi Lovato always has a smile on her face. She shares everything, both the good and the bad about herself, as if we are all her bffs.

3. Overcoming bullying

Demi is very passionate about this topic since, like many of us, was a victim herself. When she was a judge on X-factor, Demi actually bonded with a contestant over their mutual experiences of being bullied. Demi explained that she was bullied based on her looks, which made her feel insecure about her body. But look at her now, she celebrates #SelfLove and encourages her fans to do the same.

4.  Speaking up about mental health

Since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 2011, Demi has been advocating to fight the stigma for those living with mental illness. She has bravely shared her own story several times, and even gave a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where she demanded that there needs to be better healthcare for the mentally ill. She has a campaign called Be Vocal: Stand Up for Mental Health that advocates the importance of mental health. It’s important for everyone to know that it’s ok to receive help by taking the first step, admitting you need it and get all the help you need. #MakeAChange

5.  Music

Along with her achievements in her charity works, she has been awarded for her messages in her songs. In 2011, the Do Something Awards recognized her charity song, “Make a Wave,” with Joe Jonas. Demi Lovato also has other songs with powerful messages, such as “Friends for Change,” which was released during her Disney Channel days, and “Skyscraper,” which talks about finding your inner strength. #TBT

6. Perfect Role Model

Like I mentioned earlier, Demi has the qualities as a role model for young girls and women everywhere. She’s reliable, fierce, compassionate, blunt, inspirational and an overall positive person. She’s not perfect and that’s okay with us.

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