6 Types of People You See at Temple University Gyms

Mustering up the mental and physical strength to venture off to one of Temple’s four gyms is hard enough, and honestly, we’re pretty tempted to ditch the treadmills of TUF for some Qdoba -- it’s a no brainer.

When you finally drag your sleep-deprived self to the gym, it’s likely you’ll encounter similar types of people. Whether good or bad, these make for a memorable experience.

1. The Body Builder Bro

Lurking near the weights at the STAR complex, you often see this quintessential character. He’s probably a kinesiology major, and while he attributes his physique to long hours at the gym coupled with protein powder, you’re almost certain he has had a little help from steroids. He can usually be found blasting EDM, rap, metal or really anything to get him pumped in his usual corner of the gym. You question whether or not he actually has a dorm because he never seems to leave.

2. Quite Possibly the Most Impatient Person on The Planet.

This guy/gal always seems to need the equipment you’re using, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. As though their time is of the essence and they cannot believe another person in a school of 40,000 would have the audacity to use the step machine. They usually come to the gym at the busiest possible time. This person often stares afar, releasing audible, exaggerated sighs every few moments. Foot tapping is usually included.

3. The Person Who Quite Frankly Has No Idea What They’re Doing

Reps, sets, who is she? I think a lot of us fit into this category, myself included. We’re not all on the road to being personal trainers or physical therapists. A lot of us don’t have formal training in exercise, but, hey, we’re all just trying to get the butt of our dreams. We just haven’t really gotten a hold of this whole gym thing yet, okay?

3. The Boss Babe

This girl knows her goals and has her mind set on accomplishing them today. She comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s clear she has a set routine and vision in mind. You don’t even know her, but you’re proud.

5. The Gym Class Enthusiast.

Whether it be barre, tabata or yoga, this person makes the time to attend an IBC class daily. They thrive in a group setting (I don’t blame them!) and always arrive more than thirty minutes early. They take advantage of the free classes Temple offers instead of paying for overpriced trendy specialty gyms in center city -- what an economical student.

6. The Person That Decided to Find Time to Workout

Each and every person at a Temple gym fits into this category. Between classes, social lives, extracurriculars, jobs and sleep, this individual took an hour out of their day for themselves. So many people talk about needing to go exercise, without ever doing so. There have been so many times where I’ve told myself that the gym was in my plans for the day, but I ended up getting a slice (or two) from Maxis and taking a nap. Regardless of what “type” of person you are, and everyone has their reasons, the most important thing is that you made the decision to be active.

Which one are you?