Book Recommendations: Non-Fiction Crime Must Reads

For the most part, it seems college-aged people stray away from non-fiction books. We read textbook after textbook for our classes and when we finally have some down time to read, we want it to be an escape. Although non-fiction books may seem less interesting or more time consuming than fiction novels, I've come up with a list of some of my absolute favorites. These books all happen to be crime related, and they will all take you on a journey through multiple unforgettable stories. These books are interesting, emotional, and life-changing reads.

Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin - by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin

The parents of Trayvon Martin tell the emotional story of Trayvon Martin's life, tragic death, the trial of his murderer George Zimmerman, and the protests and activism that stem from it all. This book is eye-opening, spiritual, and detailed. No matter how close you followed the murder of the innocent boy who was carrying an Arizona iced tea and bag of skittles, this book will pose new information and introduce new opinions and ideologies.

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Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town - by Jon Krakauer

Acquaintance rape infested this college town and the university and town's police department proves incapable of taming it through the multiple accounts in this story. This book follows the alleged rape accounts, the rumors that followed, the trials, and the multitude of problems, inconsistencies and stereotypes of the justice system in regard to rape. Missoula is hard-hitting and infuriating at times, but definitely worth the read.

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Newton: An American Tragedy - by Matthew Lysiak

This is the first comprehensive account of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and although this book is moving and hard to read at times, it brings new insight and reports on an event that our country can learn so much from. Newtown discusses mental illness, gun violence, and largely misreported information by the news media. There's a lot to learn from this book which will keep this tragedy as a discussion in political and health conversations, and will also keep those who passed away remembered.

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The Devil's Highway: A True Story - by Luis Alberto Urrea

This book explores and explains the May 2001 attempt of 26 men to cross the Mexican border into the desert region of Arizona known as the "Devil's Highway". Majority of the men succumbed to death through the unimaginable terrain and conditions. This book also explores important issues having to do with border patrol, immigration and foreign policy.

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