5 Ways to Prepare for Halloweekend

College kids are expert procrastinators. Surprisingly, Halloween is no exception to this fact of life. Between finding a costume, making plans, decorating, and mentally preparing yourself for all the craziness to come, it’s not unlikely to just feel the need to put it all off until the last minute like we do the rest of the things on our to-do list. And the most important part of all is that Halloween falls on game day this year. With so much planning and excitement crammed into one day, what will you do? As the queen of procrastination AND Halloween, I’m here to help. Here’s a small to-do list to help prepare you for the great Halloweekend to come: 




1. Decide on plans  


The decision of all decisions; The many options of celebrating Halloween this weekend include, but are not limited to: Costume parties, Greek parties, Northgate, 6th street, handing out candy, trick-or-treating for candy, haunted houses, scary movie night, pumpkin carving, and of course, tailgating and the Aggie Football game!  

2. Pick a Costume



Be YOUnique. Choose a costume that fits who you are by dressing up as your favorite character, icon, animal, pun, etc. For DIY costumes, get creative by finding simple things around the house and turning them into accessories for your costume. Take it from me when I say the options are endless (Pinterest for some further tips). Makeup and hair are key to last minute DIY costumes, so hit up YouTube for some on-point makeup and hair tutorials to finish off the perfect costume.   

3. Make a Game Plan  

Literally, make a plan for the football game! First of all, will you be tailgating? If so, are you going to dress up in costume? Many people plan on doing both, so don’t hold back if you think dressing up as a banana to the game sounds like fun. More power to you! Also, if you won’t be attending the game, it’s important to make plans to watch it somewhere (because we are Aggies and it’s what we do) whether it be at a tailgate, Northgate or your living room.   

4. Decorate


This isn’t a must, but it sure does make for some major Halloween spirit. Suggest getting together with your friends and roommates to carve pumpkins and showcase them in front of the house along with any other Halloween decor you may have.    

5. Be Responsible 


Make it a point to finish all homework, projects, studying and other priorities that need tending to before the start of Halloweekend. It’s the most wonderful time of year, so make sure it’s able to be enjoyed as much as possible. In addition, it’s important to be safe with so much craziness going on. This means planning ahead for rides (i.efriends, DD, Uber, taxis), staying together and making wise decisions. 


Hope your Halloweekend is spooktacular, and BooTHO South Carolina!!!