22 Awkward Thoughts Freshmen at Texas A&M Have

1. Wait… Why does everyone look so much older? Isn’t this supposed to be a freshman class?

2. I don’t remember which bus goes to West Campus? Oh well, a 15-minute walk isn’t bad. Wait… how am I already sweating???

3. Oh great it’s raining and guess which freshman didn’t bring an umbrella.

4. “Where are you from?” “I’m from Cedar Pa...(does anyone actually know where my small town is?)...basically Austin. What about you?”

5. No way this class is over already.

6. Did I just fail my first college exam? Am I gonna be a college drop out?

7. I’ve been here for over a month, but I need to meet someone at Trigon, but I have no idea where that is.

8. My hometown best friend just texted me. It’s fine, I’m fine - I don’t miss them at all.

9. Um, that boy on the other side of the room looks just like Antoni Porowski and nothing else matters today.

10. I definitely met that girl over there last class. She’s walking over to me. Shoot, what was her name? Kendra? Kenna? Kendall?

11. Can this vending machine just take my money? A girl needs some pretzels. 12. I may or may not have forgotten to print out the notes before coming to class. I’m super prepared. All the time.      

13. Why’d I have a 32-ounce smoothie right before this class? Will anyone look at me if I get up now?

14. Did I just trip... on nothing? Stupid A&M un-even sidewalks.

15. $5 for Spotify, Hulu and Showtime just for being a student? I love college.


16. Uber is my new best friend.

17. Wait why am I so tired?? Time for some caffeine. 18. “The attire for this meeting is business casual.” Ok Google, help a girl out.

19. I’m realizing that the real math problem will be solving how many times can I eat at Chick-fil-A before my wallet and pant size pay the price.

20. Yikes, the snacks in Aggie Express cost twice what they should. Whatever - I’ll die if I don’t have these SunChips.

21. Yeah, I’m gonna need more dining dollars.

22. Black Panther is on Netflix now? Oh, you best believe I’m watching it for the fifth time. That essay can wait. Just for a little while.