Style Inspiration from UT Students (Dana)

Style Inspiration from UT Students is a biweekly article showcasing outfits worn by fellow UT students. 


Often I’ll find myself on campus admiring another student’s outfit, so this article series is meant to show off the wonderful fits spotted, and also get to meet the person sporting them. Outfit styles will vary from person to person and at the end of the article, I’ll also list cheap alternatives for some of the items worn!


For our very first style profile, I’m showing off my wonderful friend and roommate Dana:


She’s wearing a black tank top from Urban Outfitters, sage green overalls from Abercombie and Fitch along with beige suede Birkenstocks. She also accessorizes with some gold pendant necklaces. 


Dana is a freshman studying sociology at UT. When asked to describe her style she categorized it as "artistic hippie", and she shops at Urban Outfitters most often. She usually gets her fashion inspiration from the Urban Outfitters Instagram and Maia Mitchell.

Some of the items she sports might be a bit pricey, or hard to come by, so I’ve compiled a list of cheap alternatives. 


For the tank top, this one from Target is almost identical and only costs $8. It also has about a 4½ star rating from the 537 reviews. Purchase this here

The overalls that Dana is wearing are no longer for sale, but Forever 21 does have similar ones for $34.90 in the olive shade. Purchase this item here.

Birkenstocks normally are around $100-125, but these alternative sandals from Amazon in the Taupe-b shade only cost $17.99. They have a 3.6-star rating, and most reviews find them a solid alternative for Birks. Purchase them here


Dana’s jewelry pictured is different and personalized for her, but this gold pendant necklace from Amazon gives a similar style. It’s only $12.99 and can be styled with other necklaces as well. Purchase that here.


Special thanks to Dana for her time and you can follow her on Instagram at @danababy01