A Friend In Me

A night of twerking and telling Alexa for the thousandth time to “JUST PLAY BAD BUNNY.” A night of deep conversations and laughs in the middle of every sentence. A night where for once we haven’t thought to go to Taco Bell or order slushies. As I sit next to them, I can’t help but feel like exploding with laughter. They have the ability to tickle my insides without any physical touch: just random faces and weird noises.  Friendship is a beautiful thing. Learning so much about a person that you understand why they do every move. It’s like choosing to stick by them because they are the people that understand you the most. Though annoying, I would not want to change any part of them. They keep me with a young mentality to just do whatever I want while withholding good intentions. I’m glad I found my forever dorks.