Spider-Man is Back in the MCU and All is Right in the World

It has been a drama-filled couple of weeks for Marvel fans. From the announcement that broke our hearts (Spider-man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe) to Tom Holland’s heartfelt but depressing video addressing the topic, to rumors sparking of Rober Downey Jr. buying Sony to keep Holland in the MCU, to the announcement that Disney and Sony have reached a compromise to keep Spider-Man in the MCU, us Marvel fans have been on the edge of our seats waiting for a concrete answer regarding the Spider-Man debacle.

The argument regarding the newest Avenger sparked in late August 2019, with the conclusion soon reached that Peter Parker would no longer be featured in Marvel films. However, Sony announced that the well-beloved character (and actor, Tom Holland) would still appear on the screen in the Sony superhero universe. 

Though we were glad that we would not have to say a total goodbye to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, fans were both confused and concerned about how this new universe would shape the iconic teen superhero. Due to copyright, the movie would not have been able to reference Parker’s experiences in his previous five Marvel movies. The Peter Parker that my generation loves would cease to actually exist though movies were still being produced. 

In the middle of the drama, Tom Holland released a video addressing the issue. Though he still seemed hopeful and upbeat about the whole situation, fans knew that this situation must be very upsetting to him. On many occasions, Holland has expressed his love for being apart of the MCU and working with the other iconic characters and actors. And to think that Tom Holland would lose all of that? Truly heartbreaking.

Luckily, a few days ago, rumors started that Disney and Sony were remeeting to discuss their terms of Spider-Man, and an announcement was made that the two companies have reached a new deal! Tom Holland, Zendaya, and the whole cast will still be apart of the Marvel Universe! The ‘neighborhood’ superhero is set to take part in another movie that is set to be released in July 2021. 

To celebrate, Tom Holland posted the scene from The Wolf on Wall Street, in which Leonardo DiCaprio's character declares "You know what? I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving... this is my home" and then the crowd cheers, on his Instagram page without any real context, but we all know what he was talking about.

Little is known about the plot of the newest Spider-Man movie, but nonetheless all the fans are very excited to know that one of our favorite (and my all time favorite) Marvel character will appear in future installments. Fingers crossed that they don't hit Peter Parker with another train in this one!