Baddie on a Budget

As the new semester starts and we all scramble to get accustomed to living on campus again, I think it is really important to pinch pennies here and there. That becomes hard, however, if you are the kind of person that wants to look your absolute best at all times. Manicures, jewelry, clothes, accessories, etc., can all be crazy expensive to keep up with. Luckily, I have been #broke long enough to come up with some pretty decent hacks for successfully being a Baddie on a Budget.

  1. 1. $10 DIY Manicure!

    Go to your local convenience store (mine is CVS). There you can purchase glue-on nails and a simple filing kit, and then you are all set! You just need to file down your natural nail so the glue-on ones have a better chance of sticking, glue on the nails, and then file to the desired shape. Nobody will know they aren’t from a salon!

  2. 2. $12 Scrunchies / DIY Scrunchies!

    Amazon has a 45 pack of scrunchies available for $12! If you are anything like me, you have a scrunchie in your hair AND on your wrist at all times! This gives you an amazing 45 options to choose from! If that doesn’t do it for you, make your own! All you need is an old shirt, scissors, needle and thread, and an elastic!

  3. 3. Thrift, thrift, thrift!

    Who said it better than Macklemore?! Go thrift shopping! Thrift shops are such good ways to save money, and you can get such cute clothes and shoes that way! There are endless possibilities for outfit creations, so get creative!

  4. 4. Restyle Clothes!

    Have an old sweatshirt 2 sizes too big? Cut it into a crop top! Have jeans that are fraying at the bottom? Cut them into shorts. Knot t-shirts for a new look. Sew fabric flowers onto jacket sleeves. Don’t know how? There is a YouTube tutorial for everything!