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The Best Spots to Thrift in Boston


Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange has two locations in Boston: Allston and Somerville! I had the pleasure of shopping at the Allston location, and I have nothing but praise for this glorious establishment. Buffalo Exchange takes thrifting to the next level by providing the same experience you would get in a regular retail store! The associates are fashion forward, and ready to customize your experience by starting a fitting room for you, and offer styling advice. They also accept cards or cash, but you need to bring your own bags or buy their bags made out of 100% recycled material! The company values sustainable fashion and tries to be as eco-friendly as possible. The clothes are also to die for, as they are selective in what they take in. I was shocked to find the brands I love like Madewell, Free People, Zara, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 at a much cheaper price! Although Buffalo Exchange has the highest prices ranging from ten to fifty dollars I think the quality and type of finds you receive outweighs the higher cost.


Urban Renewals

If you don’t mind putting in the extra effort to hunt for the good finds this is the place for you with those college budget prices. With the expansive store layout anything is possible as they sell not only womens and mens apparel, but also home furnishings. So, if you’re a broke college student like me trying to get that insta worthy aesthetic on a budget, Urban Renewal has a small selection to help you out! Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks as nothing is in size order, but they are color coded, so at least it’s nice to look at. The store also only accepts cash and there are no dressings room. They have multiple signs stating that customers would rather have low prices than dressing rooms, and they do deliver on that end. The highest priced item I saw was twenty dollars, and that was in the home section. The clothes are usually in the one to fifteen price range!


The Goodwill Store

The Goodwill Store is the underated choice that should not be overlooked! I went to the Allston location, and found that there were quite a few good finds if you search through the unorganized mess that is their store. The store is more overwhelming as things are only separated by category, but they do accept cards or cash and provide a bag for you. The store carries womens and mens apparel, and also has a home section! I really enjoyed sifting through their record section as I did not see one at any other thrift store!


The Garment District

The oldie but a goodie choice that everyone knows and loves: Garment District! This was the first thrift store I had gone to in Boston, and it will always have my heart. The Garment District is located in Cambridge and is literally a warehouse of thrifted steals! It is separated into modern/ contemporary clothes and real vintage finds with womens and mens apparel, footwear, accessories, and everything you could think of! It is known for “the pile” which is yes, a literal pile of clothes they throw on the floor priced by the pound! Pro tip: if you go on Thursdays, the pile is only a dollar a pound! It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you put the time in to hunt for those amazing finds you will find the coolest pieces!


Lexi is a senior brand marketing student at Suffolk University with a passion for fashion, art, and photography. She is the Social Media Director and Events Coordinator for Her Campus Suffolk and the VP of PR & Recruitment of her sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha Iota Alpha. 
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