StO-Style: "No Shiver November" -The perfect knitwear for (almost) winter

Hi fashionistas!

Minnesota winter is coming! That means snow, mittens, hot chocolate, Christmas Fest and stylish sweaters! I love the versatility of a sweater - worn organically or layered over a collared shirt, dress, skirt or tee  - there are endless options to choose from! So, cozy up and take a peek at some of these (almost) winter sweater inspirations! Also, find ideas for the best place to buy these types of sweaters (countdown to Black Friday, anyone?).


What’s better than throwing on a warm, oversized sweater? Simply pair it with denim, boots, a scarf, warm socks, and your outfit is complete. Oversized sweaters give a cozy-cute vibe and are perfect for those lazy wardrobe days or chilly weekends. 

Places to look for an oversized sweater: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M, Gap


With a patterned sweater, you have the ability to let your personal style shine. Think graphic print, horizontal stripes, subtle grading, or a cute Norwegian-style print (Um Ya Ya!). 

Places to look for a patterned sweater: Madewell, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Gap