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Spring weather has finally arrived. Although the warmth might not last long, it is time to start thinking about spring fashion. All the recent fashion weeks have presented looks pertaining to fall/winter 2015, but we need to take it back a step: last autumn designers showed off their collections for this spring/summer season. Trends were seen throughout each runway look, from denim to mismatched earrings and everything in-between – here are some of the most anticipated…




One of the biggest patterns to hit the runway this season is gingham! Fall called for plaid, while gingham is a lighter version for spring. Pick your favorite color and wear it on whichever piece you’d like: skirt, shorts, shirt, suit – it’s up to you.






Culottes are a new twist on gauchos. Remember elementary school, throwing on your roomiest pair of pants? These are a fashionable alternative! They dress up any outfit, so get ready for a warm spring evening sporting these pants.


Shirt Dresses




Dresses come in all shapes and sizes, but the hit for this season is a shirtdress. Comfort is key, so look for with a lightweight material. Denim is in season, or you could try soft cotton! Play it up or down depending on your accessories.

Obi Belts


These belts have been seen all across the runway. Whether it’s pants, a skirt or a dress accessory, obi belts are perfect for a spring look. Keep your outfit toned down, this way your belt will be the statement!


Brass Jewelry




The final hot item this spring is brass jewelry. Chokers, pendants and bangles are the most popular accessories, so combine these with the chic metal! Anything chunky can also easily pull together an outfit. So whatever jewelry you prefer, try it in brass.


The warm weather can excite anyone for the lively season ahead, so be prepared for when it arrives with the proper attire. If you wear shorts, maybe find culottes instead. You don’t want a typical sundress? Wear a shirtdress. You can find your style this spring by swapping some old items for what’s in season.



Stay stylish, Oles! xoxo


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