Event: Women Leaders from Around the World

We are all leaders in our own ways. Being a leader doesn’t mean you have a specific job position. It means that you are able to influence positively someone else. You might not be an RA or part of the student council, however you might still motivate your friends to study more or join a club. You have leadership characteristics in you, but the extent to which you develop them, is what makes you a good leader. There are so many amazing women leaders that have helped other women’s’ future in many fields that we owe them a celebration. As the new Chair of the International Committee in the Thelmomathesian Society (our campus government), I decided to celebrate Women Leadership in a way that would bring members from diverse parts of the SLU community together. Thus, on March 9th from 6-8 p.m at Sykes Formal Lounge, we will have the “Women Leaders from Around the World” event. Speakers from different clubs and fields will present about women leaders of their choice and then we will have time for networking during which, questions can be addressed to the speakers. We are honored to have Brooke Kelly from the SLU Her Campus Chapter present as well. Some more speakers include our African Student Union, the Advocates group, Tiara Davis from Career Services, and Carefree Black Girls. We don’t want this event to be held by women for women and that’s why we have included male presenters. Everyone is welcome to attend, so tell your friends!!! Hope to see you there xxxx -Jo

Photos taken from Pinterest.