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The Last Mercury in Retrograde and a Tarot Card Reading for the Month of October

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The Last Mercury in Retrograde And a Tarot Reading For the Month of October 

Are the leaves beginning to crunch under your feet? Is the cold wind biting your nose and blowing your hair? Is the prospect of pumpkins and stealing candy from your friends’ homes giving you anticipatory goosebumps? Or maybe you’re excited by the idea of dressing up as a sexy pirate/ghost/vampire/zombie/serial killer etcetera, etcetera, etcetera – the options for hot Halloween attire are truly endless. Regardless of why you’re excited (and if you’re not excited yet- just drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks), the most wonderful time of the year is upon us: Welcome to Spooky Season!

Now, this year’s spooktastic month of October happened to begin during the middle of the last Mercury in retrograde of the year – can you say rough start? For those of you who have not spent hours on end pouring over astrology manuals and blogs, let me break it down for you: Mercury in retrograde happens about three times a year wherein the planet of Mercury is under an optical illusion so that to the human eye, it looks like it’s moving backwards. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication and expression, and with that means that its backwards motion typically affects… well, any interpersonal communication. Think: Email problems, trouble checking in for that flight, a general feeling of anxiety/frustration with loved ones regarding confrontation, being unable to reach someone when it’s urgent, texts sent to the wrong person, and a whole lot of other (unpleasant) things. On the flip side of the coin, Mercury in retrograde is a good time for reflection and for being extra observant and careful with your words. Mercury is the messenger of the gods, which means there has to have an extreme level of coordination. Essentially, if your proverbial you-know-what isn’t “together”, Mercury in retrograde will hit you hard, so instead of being ambitious, starting a new career path, or reaching out to that toxic ex you cut off in hope of reconciliation – just relax, sort yourself out, and learn to coordinate and communicate with caution during retrograde. 

This particular retrograde started September 27th and will last until October 17th , with the planet of Mercury backin’-it-up through the great balancer, Libra. It is no mystery why Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp all crashed just a couple of days ago, and caused catastrophe, as Facebook, Inc., was, in fact, conceived as a Libra…. September 24th, 2010 was the company’s original launch date. Coincidence? I think not. Libras, I’m so sorry, this one is going to be rough for you, babes. 

But with one major catastrophic communication breakdown out of the way for this retrograde, we all have to really cross our T’s and dot our I’s if we want to avoid any other mishaps. 

Are you shaking with fear yet? Terrified of drunk-you texting the FWB you swore off? Scared you’ll send an NSFW text meant for your significant other to your Mom? Fear not! I’m going to pull a tarot card for each of the 12 zodiac signs this month, and tell you all about the do’s and don’ts for your sign this retrograde. In particular, I recommend checking your sun sign, in addition to your mercury (communication, obviously), Jupiter and Saturn placements (they’re the two social planets)! If you don’t know your placements, get the Co-Star app, or google “Astrological Birth Chart” and a million different resources will pop up for you to figure it out! Now, to the cards…

 Cards Pulled in Order of the Zodiac Calendar: 

1.     Aries: The Chariot 

Okay, Aries: We get it, you’re a wildfire that cannot be tamed. If you were a color, you’d be a bright red. You’re unstoppable, if not a little headstrong. The Chariot is telling you to take all of that energy and focus it into confidence, determination, and patience as you navigate this coming month; upcoming projects, essays, job applications, will all require extra attention, or they could wind up being a hot mess! Similar to a chariot speeding down a racetrack, you’ll come on top this month… as long as you pay attention and have a laser-focus on the path to victory! 

2.     Taurus: The Page of Pentacles

Taurus, you lucked out this month! Just like the Page of Pentacles, you’re grounded and fiercely loyal in a way that isn’t intimidating, like a fire sign might be. Your earthy vibes will be bringing you some necessary planning/organization skills this month if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with assignments. You might also be stepping into some money after the aforementioned hard work. The Page reminds you to take your natural skill sets, and put them to work! 

3.     Gemini: The Nine of Wands

My poor Gemini babies… has it been rough for you lately, hun? This card is giving me all sorts of “two steps forward, one step back” energy. The nine of wands is all about resilience and trekking ahead, even when you feel like you can’t go on. The nine of wands is also asking you to remember your support system this month, bubba! So, just keep holding your head up high and seek love and advice from those you trust the most (Treat yourself to something too – sounds like it’ll be a bumpy one). 

4.     Cancer: Queen of Swords 

In typical Cancer fashion, this card is telling you to keep those emotions in check, hunny! The threat of a looming emotional wave that could pull even a water sign like yourself under, is possible! Keep clear of those pesky feelings when making important decisions – the Queen is your reminder that you are a boss b*tch, so act like one! Don’t let those who are draining your emotional energy too close! They’re causing issues for you… and we all know you have more important things to do. *Flips hair*

5.     Leo: King of Wands

Leo, are you ready to think long term?? Have you been daydreaming and are ready to put in the #werk? You have been staring into the clouds thinking about that money, and with this month an opportunity will come to you! Don’t bank on that short-term satisfaction – think through what will really be good for you in the long run. Whatever your dream may be/long term goal, this month is your time to harness that “all eyes on me” energy and put it into sustainable dreams. 

6.     Virgo: Eight of Swords

Oh my Virgo lovelies, you’re too Type A… while your analytical skills and insights normally help you, right now the eight of swords is here to remind you that sometimes thinking is *not* the answer to all of your problems… maybe learn a lesson from the emotionally-in-tune Cancer? Anyway, you are disaster planning and keeping yourself in this toxic loop of bad vibes with all of these negative thoughts. You have everything you need to break this cycle, but you can break it, you got this! Think positive thoughts, and definitely drink coffee until you can sort what has you out-of-sorts! 

7.     Libra: Five of Pentacles

Libra babies, have you been so focused on #winningthegame that you forgot you might already have what you need? The five of pentacles points to a feeling of emptiness, essentially, pushing yourself to do better is only going to make it worse. While it may feel like you need to pick up those extra shifts or reach out one more time, in reality, realize that the situation you’re in, or the people you already have are good enough. Be thankful to the universe for the abundance it has already given to you, cutie pie. 

8.     Scorpio: Judgement 

Ooo you moody little devil you – I swear it’s like this card could be your best friend because everything for the intense Scorpio is an important decision.  But for this month really be aware and in-tune of your body and your energy. Don’t think logistically (like a Libra might), think with your gut this month and follow the natural calling of your energy: DON’T fight your instinct! While you might be at a crossroads and feel like you need to make a decision, let the universe guide you on this one – take the path with the least resistance this month when you make decisions. 

9.     Sagittarius: The Empress 

HUNNY! Take your birth control, please. You’re surrounded by abundance and feminine energy right now and um, all I’m going to say is the Empress is a sign of extreme fertility! Be careful in the streets and sheets, if you catch my drift. On a more serious note, the Empress signifies a period of growth – I’m so proud of you Sag, you’re stepping into your archetypal teacher role! You seem to really be expanding your mindset right now and so you should definitely also be connecting back to mother earth this month. Get outside, expand your physical boundaries, and hopefully your body and mind can ascend to a natural harmony. If you find yourself being a little warmer towards others, don’t worry about it Sag, it’s just the empress teaching you how to be even more caring. You and that big heart, aww. 

10.  Capricorn: The Queen of Pentacles 

You’re literally glowing Cap, you have the work life balance down to the TEE this month. You’re the epitome of caring and nurturing to those around you while also making bank or putting in those study hours. The Queen of Pentacles is the girl who runs the world. If you see people that need a little extra love this month, go ahead and give it. You have the emotional capacity to carry some of their baggage for a while. Give a little love and get a whole lotta money, baby! Make sure your independence isn’t stifled though – You can care for others and still enjoy your “me” time. 

11.  Aquarius: The Ace of Pentacles 

Aquarius, I have three words for you this month: Manifest! Manifest! Manifest! The world is giving you the energetic “thumbs-up” and anything you’ve wanted to start on for a while, go for it! You’ll see success with things that you put your soul into. Hopefully some money will be coming your way too, thanks to the ace of pentacles prosperity is inevitable, but only if you make it happen. Breathe, centre yourself, and go ahead and use that manifestation journal I know you bought four months ago but have only written in once. Believe in the universe and it will believe in you. 

12.  Pisces: The Emperor 

My fishy babies. I know you don’t like conflict, but this month, the Emperor is pushing you to engage in those battles that you know are necessary. You’ll gain respect and honor from those you speak for AND I bet it will feel SO good to know what you’re speaking up for is right! Be fair, but try to exercise that teeny-tiny piece of you that can be strategic and manipulative (if need be, to back an opponent into a corner in a debate). Tap into the masculine energy the universe is granting you right now to take charge, solve problems, and generate tranquility within a circle of loved ones. 

Taeghan Duncan

St. Andrews '23

A study abroad student attending St. Andrews for one semester who typically write for Her Campus at Tulane University in New Orleans. Passionate about gender equality, health and well-being, and the use of sarcasm and humor within professional writing, all articles will be written with care and intended to entice.