Top Ice Cream Destinations in Seatte


With all this warm weather that we have been having, what is more satisfying than ice cream? Nothing.  Ice cream will satisfy any sweet tooth on a hot day.  Here are some of the top places to get ice cream around Seattle.

1. Molly Moons

This is obviously a classic, with its location being right down the street from SPU, Molly Moon’s brings the freshest ingredients with intensely rich flavor.  Plus, they always offer vegan options, which are equally as delicious as the regular flavors.


2. Full Tilt

Full Tilt is located in Ballard, they are known for their local ingredients, unique flavors, and fun atmosphere.


3. Bottega Italiana

This is a local favorite, known for their rich homemade gelato.  They make their gelato in small batches and have fun flavor combinations like strawberry and basil.


4. Bluebird

This local ice cream favorite has multiple locations; they are comparable to Molly Moons, with local and unique flavors.  They also have throwback treats such as root beer floats, and even use local ingredients like Rachel’s Ginger Beer to create floats.


5. Fainting Goat

This is a top pick for Seattle gelato; they use fresh milk from Lynwood, Washington.  They have a vast selection of flavors with over 10 different types of sorbet, for fruit lovers.


6. Parfait

A favorite of many Ballard locals, Parfait uses milk from Smith Brother’s farms, Cage Free eggs from a local family run farm, locally roasted coffee, and all natural organic sweeteners.