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Meet Gigi Larson; fashionable, kind hearted, lovable.

Name: Gigi Larson

Age: 19

Year: Second year/transfer

Major: Undecided, maybe business

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Activities: Listening to music 

Relationship Status: Single ;)

Interesting fact: I have a chipped bone in my face from face planting into a coffee table when I was little.

TV show to binge watch: Friends!

Favorite item of clothing you own: My leather vest, because it goes with everything. 

Fashion inspiration: I love looking at street style on Pinterest. I just like to be comfortable.

What it’s like being a Commuter student: Frustrating! I never know when to leave my house, and am always afraid there’s going to be traffic.

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Never regret something you once wanted. 


Hello viewer, my name's Carolyn! I am a sophomore at Seattle Pacific University. I am an avid reader, singer, and music lover. I am very excited to try my hand at writing, or at least writing something that will be viewed by other people. I'm currently perusing a BA in Psychology and a English literature minor. I loves to talk to people and get to know their stories. I believe in loving yourself, and the people around you. I love the way it sounds when it rains, and the taste of coffee. And I love Seattle. I'm looking forward to the coming years at college, where I have the opportunity to experience life, laughter, and fun.
Fashion merchandising student at Seattle Pacific University where I aspire to become a bridal stylist, fashion stylist or trend forecaster. Other hobbies of mine include photography, sketching, and blogging . Follow my style blog at www.stylistinseattle.com