How to Incorporate “Super foods” in to your Diet.


Okay, so January is already over, and February is quickly coming to an end too. You made a New Years Resolution to eat “healthier”, but you haven’t stuck with it.



Don’t give up just yet; it is much easier to incorporate healthy foods in to your diet than most people think.  The trick is adding extremely nutrient rich “superfoods” into your daily food habits.  Superfoods will provide you with more energy and keep your body feeling full and satisfied.



Here are some easy tricks and tips on how to get more “superfoods” in to your diet.


1. Chia Seeds (Cha-cha-cha-chia)


These tiny little seeds are packed full of fiber, they reduce food cravings, keep your hydrated, and lower blood pressure.  They are my personal favorite superfood because you can add them to pretty much anything for a little extra pizazz.  Sprinkle these little guys on to your morning peanut butter toast, oatmeal, or blend in to your favorite smoothie. Add them to salads for a little extra crunch.  If you are feeling extra ambitious mix them in to your favorite jam or jelly to add to your next piece of toast or sandwich.


   2. Flax Seeds


Flax seeds are a great food that you can easily add in to your diet without sacrificing any flavor.  They have tons of added health benefits.  They are extremely high in fiber and essential fatty acids such as omega-3s, and B1 vitamins and minerals.  It is better to buy ground flax seed meal, or grind flax seeds yourself because this way your body will have an easier time digesting them and you will receive the maximum amount of nutrients possible.  They add a great nutty flavor to anything you add them to, especially oatmeal and smoothies. Yum J


3. Pomegranate Seeds


Pomegranate Seeds are another great super food that I recommend.  These tiny little red jewels are packed with fiber and powerful antioxidants to help you fight off any illnesses and boost your immune system.  Pomegranates can be expensive and if you have ever tried to pit a pomegranate, you know how much work it can be.  My recommendation is to buy frozen pomegranate seeds.  They thaw extremely fast, and they require no work.  Plus you get a lot in a bag, which means more bang for your buck! Am I right?


4. Kale


Do you hear the word Kale and cringe?  A lot of people do.  Although Kale has a distinct flavor, that may not be particularly enjoyed by everyone, it is worth it to incorporate it into your diet.  Kale has been called one of the world’s healthiest foods.  Here are a few sneaky tricks to get more kale into your diet…


Blend it in a smoothie. You will hardly taste, it yet you will still get all the amazing benefits.

Chop it up and throw it in your favorite soup.  Cooking kale shrinks it down slightly, and by putting it in a hot dish like soup, its strong flavor will be slightly reduced.

Put it in a grilled cheese, chop up some kale very finely and put it into your favorite sandwich instead of typical lettuce, for an extra nutritious kick!