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As an avid shopper, I spend lots of my time sorting through various trending fashion websites and social media for inspiration. With nowhere to go during quarantine I went through pages and pages of outfit inspiration to pass the time. Having downtime during COVID, one of the things I loved doing is clicking through different influencer’s pages and trying to search for the items they were wearing. As life picks back up though, I no longer have the time to shop like I used to, but I also feel like there’s even more of a need to be up to date on trends as we go out again.

Well last Spring I had the chance to create some content for a new website called Motom and have since realized that it’s the perfect platform for someone like me, one that combines shopping from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube into one convenient place. It’s currently a mobile site, with an app expected to launch in the next couple of months. What I did for them was I took picture content I love from instagram and created likeboards for the clothes I liked. The likeboards were linked to the product website so when I wanted to buy something I could easily purchase items. 

One feature that makes Motom special is that it isn’t “influencer exclusive.” Motom takes content from high-level influencers to people you know on campus alike to be centralized on any feed, and lets me purchase straight through the app and right from posts. Not only can I shop, but also Motom provides a way to give users a more intimate experience with their favorite influencers.

I think I spent more time on my phone on watching TV during quarantine than ever before and found so many people whose style I loved, but I couldn’t find their clothes online to buy anywhere. I binge watched Siesta Key and loved Juliette Porter’s fashion, but didn’t have the energy to search for her outfits on my own. Motom does the works for you and allows me to easily find the pieces she’s wearing and buy them! Also, how many times do you walk through campus and see so many cute outfits? Motom would allow anyone on campus to connect through the app to share their fits and stay up to date on campus trends. 

Motom creates a community for anyone who loves to browse and gather fashion inspiration from others. Whether this inspiration stems from your friends or social media influencers, I love the ability to go on a platform and build upon my own creativity by seeing what others are wearing, and keeping up with the most recent trends.

It provides a simple way to make money too, which is a great option for college students to profit off of shopping and sharing, which we already do. After posting and tagging items other users can purchase them from those links. When anyone buys from something you posted, you earn a commission. I can make money so easily from shopping and posting which I already do daily.

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Tiernan McLaughlin

South Carolina '23

Hi, I'm a junior at the University of South Carolina
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