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How the Election of Daniel Rickenmann will Affect Five Points

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If you are a student of the University of South Carolina, Five Points is no stranger to you. This downtown area on the edge of campus is home to some of our favorite shops, ice cream places, restaurants, and bars. Many voters had certain things that they hope the new mayor will accomplish, including economic development. Last semester, the previous mayor instated increased regulations on the bars in Five Points and threatened to not renew liquor licenses if TSA grade ID scanners were not used at the entrance of the bars and even regulating prices on drinks. This was all in an effort to stop the underage drinking that would happen in Five Points and to stop disturbing the residents in and around Five Points. However, this has just lead to an increase of students going to house parties where more neighbors are disturbed, overwhelmed police are scattered around the city addressing noise complaints, and the safety of students is more at risk going to locations far from campus.

Our future mayor, Daniel Rickenmann, has made many promises including the support of small businesses and the creation of jobs. Personally, I hope he takes these goals and revitalizes not only this place for students, but for the whole city as well. With this past year’s restrictions, local businesses, like Pavlov’s and Moosehead saloon, have closed. This leaves more empty stores and more people out of work following an already tough year on business with Covid-19. The hope is that Rickenmann listens to the people and give this beloved part of our city another chance to thrive.

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