Summer Survival Kit

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The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming which can only mean one thing...Summertime is finally here!  Time to lay out by the pool, soaking in the sun’s rays and relax; at least until your realize finals are less than a week away...But don’t worry, Her Campus is here for you with our summer survival kit!

Psssst it’s no secret that it’s hard to maintain your beautiful locks during finals week! That’s why Freeman Beauty’s Psssst Dry Shampoo is here to keep your hair from being flat and dull while rushing between the Library and finals.

Between biting your pencils and pens and drinking all the coffee you can get your hands on, it’s easy for your lipstick to rub off, making your lips chapped.  Charlotte Tilbury's MATTE REVOLUTION Hot Lips is the perfect on the go blot on lip color for your busy schedule!

Have you broken a sweat just thinking about your History final? If so, carrying around a mini Secret deodorant in Cool Waterlily will keep you smelling fresh and clean all day!

Keeping up with your brows is hard regardless of whether it’s finals week or not, but Essence has made it easy with their amazing eyebrow fixing pencil! All you do is brush your eyebrows in your desired shape and use the wax side of the pencil to keep them in place all day!

Don’t you love having a cool drink on a hot, summer day but hate how warm it can get in a matter of minutes? Use one of these adorable koozies to keep your drink nice and cold in style!


As you pack up to travel home or a fun end of the year trip, make sure to use the STERIPOD toothbrush protector to protect your toothbrush from germs and possible makeup spillage.

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A cool shower after a day at the beach is like heaven on earth and using the proper body wash to keep yourself smelling fresh and clean is essential!  If you enter our insta giveaway you have a chance to win Simply Summer’s Eve  orange cleansing wash!


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