Stages You Go Though Your Freshman Year of College

As my freshmen year at Sonoma State comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the crazy, eccentric, stressful and all around memorable year I have had.  From having roommate drama, meeting my best friend in Astronomy 100, going on dates with cute boys, and dealing with the everyday struggles of class...I have gone through a lot this year.  Here are the stages you may also have gone through as a freshman in college:


1. Moving in, meeting your new roommates and being super pumped about starting off your first year.

2. The minute your parents leave…

3. But after the very first weekend of not having your parents around to clean up after you, make or buy you food and just be there for you…

4. Being super nervous because this is college and remembering all that shit your high school teachers tell you about college being super hard and frustrating come to mind.

5. On the first day of classes:

6. Signs of roommate drama…

7. Finally getting into the groove of things!

8. Finding your friend group and loving it!

9. Midterms and finals roll around and you just don’t know what to do!

10. Making campus your bitch cause you may not have had a car.


11. Realizing it’s now time to pack up your dorm room and head home, but you’re not ready to leave…

12. But now you are officially a sophomore (no longer bottom of the food chain) and you know that shits gonna be lit!