Post Grad Pursuits

Let’s face it: College will end eventually. This notion can have a variety of complex emotions. On one hand, it can’t happen soon enough yet we never want it to end. This means (for those only completing their Bachelors) that soon you won’t have homework to do after you leave class, involvement on campus will end, greek life or your club won’t seem the same even if you decided to be an avid alumni supporter. No more checking emails in hopes that class was canceled or studying all night for a 2-hour exam. But while it is something we long for, it can be hard to imagine this drastic change in lifestyle as school has been the main focus for basically all of our lives! I’m not an alumni yet, however I have chosen to speak about this subject to try to assuage some fears and bring up the hopes for the future. Routine: Yes, this concept may seem terrifying to have a set schedule to work from 9am-4pm (roughly) but imagine what you can do with all that extra time in between! There won’t be any additional homework expected to do outside of office hours (depending on your profession) so you have your mornings and evenings to do what you enjoy and try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. You can do a morning yoga routine and take a pottery class in the evening. Yes, this will finally be your chance to pick up a hobby and cross things off of your bucket. Responsibility: Not the same kind as rolling out of bed and dragging yourself to class for a couple of hours. You’re expected to put your best foot forward every day which will actually really help with your self-worth and value in an unexpected metaphorical sense. Time management should be a breeze considering you’ve had to juggle at least 3 different classes with different deadlines. And while accepting gifts from parents will always gladly be accepted, the ability to truly provide for oneself is an achievement worth aspiring to. Dating: Imagine actually having a cocktail with friends while scoping out the eligible career men instead of taking shots with some dudes at a house party. Yes one exciting thing to look forward to is meeting mature men who have accomplished more than holding the record for the longest keg stand. Whether you’re looking for something serious or just enjoy your “Roaring Twenties” there will sure be a variety of exciting conversations to be heading your way. Fresh Start: This is a new chapter in your life! A chance to establish who you esteem to be or to make improvements where you think is necessary. Without the buzz of school, homework, internship, job, club etc, imagine what you can now do with your free time and financial stability. Post grad life is an opportunity to fix bad habits and to develop some life long good ones. Make the most out of it!