Post-Grad Options to Go Abroad

As graduation approaches, we must begin to think about what will be our next step. Internship? Moving back to your parents home to look for a job?


Here are some options if you’re looking for something different and out of the country after receiving your diploma.




Fulbright is a US Student Program that grants scholarships to those holding a four-year degree diploma. It is designed for graduating seniors, graduate students and young professionals. The application opens April 2nd and closes October 9th. For more information, visit the link below to get full access to the website. Do your research, find which countries receive the most applicants, which countries give the most scholarships and apply!



If you know a bit of Spanish and are interested in being paid to teach English abroad to students (no certification needed), below you will find two websites in order to begin that process.


Click on the link below to apply directly through the Spanish government. The application opens January 10th through April 10th.


Teach English in Spain


Another option if you’re interested in teaching English in Spain but want help with the process, CIEE is a program to give you a support system and help with your visa.




Au Pairing for a family is another wonderful way to go abroad on a budget post-graduation. Although there are multiple programs available for help through navigating a visa and some of the difficulties that come with travel, if you want an affordable way to live in a certain country on (mostly) your own terms, au pair is a great option!


I have linked a youtube channel below that gives insight on navigating the ins and outs of becoming a first time au pair. Au pair Oh Paris gives great tips on becoming an au pair, how to become one, dealing with families, interview questions, and so much more!


Au Pair, Oh Paris  


If you're trying to save money and live abroad, there are many options out there in order to do so!