Five podcasts that will keep you hooked

Whether your niche is comedy, true crime, or just something simple and fun, podcasts are the way to go! With multiple genres catered to fit everyone's taste, you can be sure to find something that you wont ever want to press pause to. Here is a list of five podcasts that just might make you want to pause your latest Netflix craze to listen in!

1. ‘Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard’

You may know Dax Shepard from his catalogue of comedy T.V shows and movies including ‘Punk’d’, ‘CHIPS’ and ‘When in Rome’ starring his wife Kristen Bell.  What you may not know about him is that he has taken on the world of podcasts with his series called ‘Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.’ With a five out of five star rating on the podcast app, shepard hilariously interviews celebrities such as Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Seth Rogan and ofcourse his own wife. Each interview comprises of Shepard and his celebrity guest’s reminiscing of their life before acting, sharing funny stories and just having a good time.  This podcast is very intimate, as you listen you dont feel as though you are an audience member, but apart of the podcast itself! Overall this podcast is great for any student looking for something they can listen to on the go and laugh along with it.


2. ‘My Favorite Murderer’

If you're a fan of true crime, this is the podcast for you.  This podcast, hosted by two female comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark choose a famous murderer, gruesome tale or survivor story and share the them in a narrative tone and talk about the overall weirdness of each story.  This podcast is wonderfully creepy in the best way with Kilgragg and Hardstarck making funny jokes and puns along the way so the ones with weak stomachs *cough Kavanaugh cough* can enjoy it!


3. ‘The Sunday Scaries Podcast’

This podcast is “the cure for the Sunday blues.” On those sunday nights where your anxiety sets in thinking about starting work or school that monday morning, this weekly podcast is the perfect outlet to calm your nerves.  With random topics such as “Sunday night dinners, butter coffee, and fall scented candles” narrator Will DeFries monotone voice sets those scaries to sleep preparing you for the monday to come.


4. ‘This American Life’

Need a new news source? This podcast may be perfect for you!  Every week ‘This American Life’ chooses a theme and collects stories that fit that weeks theme, such as “The not-so-great Unknown” where they discussed “What happens when unadventurous people end up in adventurous situations.”  By adding a plot to the stories, they make journalism fun and enjoyable to listen to!


5. ‘Ted Talks Daily’

As a college student, it can hard to find the motivation that can get you through the day...or even to graduation.  That is why ‘Ted Talks Daily’ is here to give you a medly of amazing, inspirtional speakers that will make you feel like you can, not only accomplish that midterm, but take on world peace too! Each episode is anywhere form five to fifteen minutes long and ranges frmo topics like ‘What doctors should know anout gender identity’ to ‘how to speak up for yourself.’  This podcast should always be in your ‘how to college’ tool kit!