The Famous Sonoma State Dog



He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’s the famous dog Bismarck. Bismarck is a Newfoundland who is two years old.  Newfoundland dogs are lifeguards of the ocean with to having waterproof coats, webbed feet, and the strength to swim. Because of loving the water, Bismarck travels to Sonoma State for shady areas to rest. He travels around the campus everyday often meeting different student and attending events at Sonoma State from soccer to coming over to volunteering to help students’ distress.

Bismarck’s Instagram has reached to a total of 500 followers since “June 4, 2018”.Why an Instagram, you may ask? Bismarck’s owners expresses how the students encourage him. Students kept asking him to come to Sonoma State, as well as Bismarck wanting to go back to the campus for the love and attention. Seniors from last year helped the owners create an Instagram because they wanted to keep track of Bismarck. Living close to campus Bismarck and his owners love coming to SSU and wanted to let the students know on how much they enjoy the campus. I first met Bismarck this year as a Summer Orientation Leader. (on the right from the Pufferfish sign wearing sunglasses). I went up to him and he immediately walked around my group of students, hoping to be pet and loved. He was very sweet and calming, which made me want to take him home for myself. If you happen to see the famous Sonoma State dog walking around campus, do not be afraid to go up and call Bismarck. Bismarck will welcome you with love and attention to help you go throughout your day as a student.