Best of Pinterets: Mugs

With it being the beginning of the year, what do sleep deprived college women need the most? Yes, it’s Coffee, but we don’t just need coffee, we need something cute to drink it out of! So if you’re in need of some awesome coffee mugs, this post is for you:


  1.  For those pesky 8:00 am classes:
  1. For the Gilmore Girls fan:


  1. For the on the go Gilmore Girls fan:

                                                                       Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they need a Luke Danes in their life?

  1. When you have to let your roommates know your true self:

                                                                          IF THIS MUG DOESN’T DESCRIBE ME TO A TEE IDK WHAT DOES...

  1. Or when you have to let the world know what kinda day you’re having:
  1. And on those days, a second cup of coffee never hurt anyone:
  1. But just in case, use this mug as a reminder to everyone that...:
  1. Because “YOLO” is for simpletons:
  1. Just remember fall is right around the corner!
  1. When you need more than just coffee as a pick me up:
  1. When there are just those people... :
  1.  But Just remember that you are a badass...:


You kind find all these awesome mugs and more on my pinterest page!