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We’re all becoming conscious consumers everyday and want to know how the products we buy are being made. It’s, thus, always a bonus when a business is doing their best to make a positive impact on the world. So why should this be any different for our sex toys? This article will tell you about five sex positive brands (in no particular order) which are doing the most in terms of including black/trans owned sex toy companies, to sex positive shops selling lube and teaching about sex and relationships. 

Shop Enby 


Shop Enby is a Black/Trans owned sex toy company based in the USA that believe in affirmation and pleasure! Their aim is to create a safer and more comfortable shopping experience for the Queer community, particularly for those who are gender non conforming, trans and non binary. 

On top of all of this, they donate a proportion of their profits to underfunded organisations focused on improving the lives of Queer/Trans people of colour! And they don’t stop there, they’re also in the fight against climate change and every sale from Shop Enby funds renewable energy and forest conservation projects! 

Shop Enby sell incredible products based in pleasure, affirmation and wellness. 

Self & More 


Self & More is a UK based Online toy boutique. This woman owned business does more than just sell incredible quality sex toys! It also has an incredible instagram @selfandmore which shows you how toys work, educates around pleasure and spreads an incredible message of sex positivity! 

Self & More have also written and posted about ethical pornography, sex tips and have had GPs come onto their page to talk about all things vaginas! Incredible stuff! 

Plastic Freedom 


Plastic Freedom is a One Stop Shop for everything eco with a location in Shepherds Bush in London! They sell an incredible range of sex toys as well as beauty products, homeware and alcohol! From eco lube, glass cucumbers to kanuka handcuffs you really can get it all! 

These toys really are incredible with some made from recycled ocean plastic from the Natural Love Company. 

Love Not War 


Love Not War is another sustainable sex toy business, but what are they doing that’s different to the rest? They repair and recycle! Yes their toys are high quality but all products will have some natural wear. Love Not War commit to doing their best to repair a toy for you and if upon inspection they find the toy cannot be repaired they will recycle it at a custom-built green powered factory! 

On top of this they are helping the earth by partnering with One Tree Planted with the aim of global reforestation. 

Cliterally the Best 


Cliterally the Best isn’t exactly a sex toy company but it’s a sex positive shop and one that we should all know about. CTB has an incredible blog educating on sex and relationships as well as an amazing Instagram doing the same. They also sell Sex Positive Homeware, accessories, t-shirts and stationary! 

But today I want to talk about their amazing water-based aloe lube. It’s vegan, PH Balanced, Silky Smooth and has no nasties like glycerin or petroleum as well as being cruelty free!

This sex positive shop is doing amazing things and definitely worth buying from this UK based creator!

Charli Keely

SOAS London '24

Charli is an MRes Social Anthropology Student with a focus on feminist methods as well as the Events Officer at Her Campus, SOAS. Outside of university Charli is a qualified sex and relationships educator, youth voice expert and gender based violence campaigner. Find out more by following me on instagram @ckeely