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Everything You Need to Know About Steel City Pop’s New Fall Menu

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

I had the wonderful honor of attending Steel City Pop’s first annual fall tasting party and, let me tell you, their new menu is uh-mazing. Each flavor is unique and tasty in its own way while still remaining true to Steel City’s all natural and local ingredient promise. Check out my reviews below!

Bosc Pear with Honey

  • pears | honey | lemon | cinnamon | organic cane sugar | water
  •  I had never tried anything pear flavored so this was a new experience for me. The pop was really fresh and fruity! So delish. 97 Calories.     

Cinnamon Apple

  • gala apples | water | cinnamon | lemon juice | organic cane sugar
  • Some people say it tastes like applesauce, but I think it tastes exactly like frozen apple cider! 139 Calories.   

Cranberry Orange

  • organic cranberries | organic cane sugar | orange | water
  • This pop is a must-try! Cranberries are my favorite around Thanksgiving and this pop reminded me exactly of that. 65 Calories.      


  • hibiscus | organic cane sugar | water
  • This pop really surprised me! It took me back to the popsicles I ate when I was a kid! 103 Calories.      

Orange Mint Green Tea

  • orange | fresh mint | organic green tea leaves | organic cane sugar | water
  • This pop is super refreshing and light! 97 Calories.       

Plum with Rosemary

  • plums | organic cane sugar | lemon | rosemary | water
  • Such a good combo! I highly recommend this pop if you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone! 108 Calories.      


  • rhubarbs | organic cane sugar | water | lemon
  • I’ve never been a huge fan of rhubarb, but this pop was pleasantly surprising! 111 Calories.                        

Strawberry Fig

  • strawberry | lemon | organic cane sugar | water
  • This pop was in my top three for sure. The fresh strawberries compliment really nicely with the fig. 78.3 Calories.               

Butter Pecan

  • toasted pecans | organic cane sugar | cream | caramel | vanilla beans | butter
  • A southern classic! The creaminess of the pop with the crunichess of the pecans is the perfect combo. 304 Calories.               

Carrot Cake

  • cream | cream cheese | carrots | Priester’s pecans | sour cream | carrot juice | vanilla beans | butter | nutmeg | cinnamon | organic cane sugar | water
  • I am not a huge fan of carrot cake, but this pop was amazing! The harmony between the carrots and the pecans is phenomenal. 241 Calories.                              


  • coconut milk | organic cane sugar | water | roasted cashews | salt
  • I would have never guessed this was dairy free if someone didn’t tell me! I love that you can taste little bits of cashew with every bite. 235 Calories.     

Maple Bacon with Bourbon

  • milk | cream | vanilla bean | water | maple syrup | bourbon | apple wood smoked bacon
  • I didn’t try this pop, but everyone around me loved it! 218 Calories.                     


  • pumpkin | organic cane sugar | vanilla beans | cream | cinnamon | ginger
  • I would highly recommend this pop to anyone who is hesitant on joining the pumkin spice everything train. This pop is smooth without an overwhelming pumkin flavor. 227 Calories.             

Smoked Fig with Cheese

  • milk | farmer’s cheese | cream | organic cane sugar | lemon | black mission figs |  water |  salt |  maple wood smoke
  • I was pleasently surprised by this pop! I was expecting something savory, but it was the perfect balance between sweet and savory. 265 Calories.     

Toasted Marshmallow

  • burnt homemade marshmallows | whole milk |  heavy cream | organic cane sugar |  water | salt
  • This pop tastes like all the best things about camping. Perfect for the summer or fall. 232 Calories.                

Tomatillo with Yogurt

  • tomatillos | organic cane sugar | cloves | star anise | vanilla beans | Greek yogurt | water
  • This pop was probably my least favorite. It had a strong greek yogurt taste that I just wasn’t a fan of and it did not feel like the rest of the fall flavors. 85 Calories.

This fall Steel City Pops is introducing an all new option of creating and customizing your own pops which I also got to try! While Steel City Pops has always dipped pops during the fall and winter months, the new dipping station will now be available all year long. There are four ways you can customize your pops:  dip, dredge, drizzle and dust. The number of different pops you could create is almost endless. 

From left to right: Turtle Pop, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Triple Chocolate, and Flavor of the Month: S’mores Pop. (The Turtle Pop was to die for!) 


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