"Ask Him:" Your Guide into the Guy's Mind

Her Campus at Southern Methodist University is proud to launch an all new series of articles. “Ask Him!” provides college women with a guy’s perspective on some of their most pressing questions regarding the other sex. Modeled after the classic “Ask Annie” section of local newspapers, readers can submit their questions and curiosities to a male author. He will then respond in the next edition of “Ask Him!” to help college women better understand what a guy might really think about those topics.

How much do men really care about your appearance? How could you let him know you like him, and how would you say “no” to someone else in a way he’d understand? Questions like these may perplex a young woman, and she may be too shy or afraid to ask. With “Ask Him!” as her tool, though, she can easily and anonymously clear up these mysteries in a way that benefits both herself and other readers.

Corey, the author, is an upper-classman at SMU who connects with a wide variety of people on campus. Accordingly, he understands the way many of his male peers think, and there’s a good chance he might even know the guy you’re wondering about. While Corey obviously can’t speak for all men, he does recognize common behaviors and ideas shared by college guys across the campus. They, too, try to understand the other sex! Of course, if all else fails, Corey is a guy himself; he is always willing to answer from his own perspective.

Your questions are strictly confidential, so ask away! There’s no need to be left in the dark. “Ask Him!” is your ally ̶  your “wingman!” Feel free to submit all your questions and curiosities to [email protected]. Let’s come together for a great year!