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8 Steps for Prepping for Enrollment

Enrollment is one of the most stressful times of the year. Don’t you just love how it coincides with midterms and finals? To make life a little easier we gathered the steps to get you ready to hit “proceed to step 2 of 3.”

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1. Find out your enrollment date (and time) so you don’t miss it!

Search your email for “enrollment,” and you will find the SMU specific appointment time when you are set to enroll! Or, you can go to “manage classes” -> “enrollment” -> check “Spring 2018” and then click over to “term information. That will let you know when your appointment starts.

2. Meet with your advisor:

Come with questions, they have great answers! To find out who yours is visit My.smu.edu, click on “academic records,” then click “my advisors” on the lefthand sidebar.

3. If you know your major or minor, look up the required classes:

This information can be found in the Course Catalog or by Googling the curriculum for your major. Use this to determine which classes you’ve taken and which you still need to take.

4. Look at your DPR summary:

This will tell you what requirements (for your major and for UC) that you have completed or still need to complete. Find this by going to My.smu.edu, then select “my academic requirements,” which will lead you directly to your DPR.

5. Look at (and use!) resources for course planning:

These will help with keeping track of requirements and creating a four year plan. The UC Academic Planner is a four year degree planner. The UC Degree Checklist will help you keep track of all required classes.

6. Choosing Classes:

Using your DPR and lists of required classes for your major/minor, see what requirements still left to be filled and choose classes for those. Search for classes by going to My.smu.edu, go to “manage classes,” select the term for Spring 2018, then click on “search” on the left hand side. You can search by subject, course number or which UC credit the class fullfills.

7. Planning a Schedule:

Write down the times of the classes you’re interested in. If there is a course offered by more than one professor, compare by looking them up on ratemyprofessors.com for reviews by past students. Decide if you’re a morning person or not. If not, cross off those 8 a.m.’s! Are there other responsibilities you need to make room for in your weekly schedule? Such as time for a job, a lunch break, or nap time. Finally, it helps to visualize a schedule to see if you like the way certain classes fit together. There’s plenty of free schedule creators online or even excel  

8. Last but not least, enroll in classes!

Log on to My.smu.edu during your enrollment time, click on student center, then “enroll” where you can search for classes and enroll in them! Hopefully this list brings some stress relief and simple organization to your already busy life.

Happy Enrollment! May your shopping cart be full of green circles!        

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