5 Things You Need to Know for ACL Weekend Two

Chances are you’ve heard of Austin City Limits Music Festival- its only three hours away and weekend two takes place over fall break. What could be a better way to celebrate the end of midterms? Here are the top 5 must-knows for having a fun weekend!

Courtesy of Austin 360

1. ACL Eats. Austin has a thriving food culture, showcased every year at ACL. Some great spots to check out are Children of the Kettle Corn, The Mighty Cone, and, of course, Torchy’s Tacos. Austin is famous for its Bar-B-Q, but The Salt Lick lines are always crazy. Stubb’s is the place to go for fantastic bbq with half the wait!  P.S. Opt for cashless, its unbelievably convenient.

2. What to wear: Classic festival clothes are some combination of lace, fringe, bold patterns, and crop tops. 

Courtesy of Teen Vogue

The main thing is comfort- an easy test is “can I sit on the grass in this?” because at some point over the weekend nothing will be more appealing than taking a break in the shade. The one accessory you can’t forget? Sunglasses.

3. Water: Standing outside all day can make you dehydrated fast. ACL Eats places don’t carry beverages (with the exception of Juice Land, Maine Root, and Shade Tree), so you can’t necessarily plan on getting water with your lunch. There are drink tents, but buying several waters a day adds up fast. The solution? Bring your own water bottle. There are free filling stations set up all around the park, making it easy to stay hydrated. Be sure to take advantage of it!

4. Finding people can be tricky, especially when cell phone towers near Zilker get overwhelmed and it takes five minutes to send a text. If you want to meet up with someone have a general idea of when and where before leaving for the day. Popular (and easy to find) spots include the picture frame, the schedule at the top of the hill, and the Camelbak station near the front of the park.

5. The park may close at 10, but there’s a lot to do in the city after! Kerbey Lane Café has the world’s best queso and unique breakfast options. It’s an Austin essential you should be sure to check out. If you’re looking to go out after the festival, 6th Street is the place to find Austin’s most popular bars and clubs. The people watching alone will make the trip worth it. Gourdough’s doughnuts are unbeatable. Whether you want something sweet or a savory donut-burger, you won’t be disappointed with the options. 24 Diner on 6th and Lamar- a great spot for classic comfort food options. Explore the city- you’re sure to find something weird. 

Courtesy of Punch Bowl Social