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5 Fun Coffee Shops That Aren’t Starbucks

Everyone knows that there are a ton of Starbucks coffee shops around campus. But what if you want to try something a little different, or you want to get away from the SMU crowd? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed our top five favorite coffee shops in the area, that don’t come with a mermaid logo and a misspelled name.

  1. Mudsmith: located on lower Greenville, this place is great because you can grab a sandwich here, or walk right over to HG Supply Co. or Snuffer’s for lunch. They have great coffee, and make cute designs that are totally Insta worthy.
  2. Royal Blue Grocery: a cute, eclectic grocery store with good wifi and the best green tea. What could be better? The awesome availability of snacks. This chain is originally from Austin, but each store is catered to its own neighborhood.
  3. Ascension: also serves the best avocado toast for brunch. It can get crowded here, but they have a fun selection of drinks, like coffee with sparkling water, so just try to not go at peak times.
  4. Union Coffee: the other old, traditional favorite. Parking can be scarce, but it’s also walkable. They have couches, the best dirty chai tea, and a great atmosphere to hang out or study.
  5. Drip Coffee Company: located on Lover’s, this place is close too. They brag on their high-quality coffee from small, family-owned states from all over the world. What I like is the bright, simple atmosphere that makes it hard to get distracted.

Getting away from the same five places everyone frequents can be really great. Hopefully, this list will help you find a place that you love, and maybe even broaden your coffee horizons. The best coffee shop certainly comes with a friendly face, a cool environment, and a unique drink.


Courtney is a junior at Southern Methodist University, majoring in Marketing with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a Spanish and advertising minor. Lover of puppies, writing, How I Met Your Mother, and anything crafty. When she's not attending one of a hundred meetings, you can find her wrapped up in bed pretending to work while really editing Spotify playlists or watching Hart of Dixie.
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