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Trading Muddy Trails for Snowy Slopes



This past year many athletes had to hang up their cleats, their skates, and their running shoes due to covid-19. While I was the one to choose to end my cross country career, I still longed for a new passion, a new way to make my heart race and keep my mind calm. It may come as a surprise because I ran cross country, but I hate working out. The Gym? No, thank you! Chloe Ting Ab workout? Sorry, I’m busy that day. I still love to be active, but I hate working out. Running was never a workout for me; I loved exploring new areas and growing love for the world around me. I loved the adventure of it; this is why you will never catch my ass on a treadmill unless I’m walking at an incline in the dead of winter. Specifically for 30 minutes, at an incline of 12, and at the speed of 3 (If you know, you know). Nevertheless, I still love running, but it doesn’t give me the same joy that it used to. I have full faith that I will find that joy again, but I need something new until that happens.


This past month, I found my new adventure, new muddy trails, new passion, and snowboarding. I have only snowboarded a total of 4 times, but I love it. I was an absolute shit show the first day, honestly surprised I lived to tell the tale. But like I kept reminding myself, “every fall is a lesson,” and I had A LOT of lessons that day. So many lessons that by the next day, I was basically a pro, kind of. I still have a lot of lessons to learn, but I am excited about this new journey. Last week I went to the mountain by myself for the day, which probably wasn’t the best idea given my track record, but I plan to do it again. On my way there and back, I listened to my favorite podcast, Just Break-Up (HIGHLY Recommend), and just cruised. Being on the mountain by myself was a different kind of experience; it allowed me to take my time and just enjoy being by myself surrounded by beautiful scenery. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but it is very similar to when I was at my peak with running. This year has been crazy, but I am very thankful to have found a new adventure and passion for exploring. I still miss the joy I had from running, but this beats the gym by far. See you soon, Sugarbush!

My Name is Molly 
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