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It’s Time to Vote! Voter Registration Info.

So…it’s presidential election season! For many collegiettes™, that means it’s the first presidential election in which we can vote! Exciting? Yes. Intimidating? Also a yes. Confusing? Oh, most definitely, yes. However, it’s up to YOU to find out how to register to vote, to learn about the candidates, and to VOTE on November 6th!

So here’s the deal about registering to vote…you have options! If you’re at school and haven’t registered to vote yet, you can register in that state (aka here in Vermont). However, if you would rather register in your home state (where you still live with your parents) you can do that too! It’s all about where you consider your true “home” and where you want to vote.

One great resource for voting/voter registration info is Rock the Vote (you may have seen their star-studded commercials on TV and all over the intervnet). They have info for each state and it’s super easy to navigate. Keep in mind that you can register to vote in Vermont until October 31st!

Know that you have several options when it comes to actually voting too. You can:

1) Vote on Election Day. This may seem obvious, but if you’re registered to vote at college you can go to the polls and vote that day.
2) Early voting. If you’re registered to vote in your home state and you’re away at school, or if you’re unable to get to the polls on Election Day, you can go to your town clerk and vote as soon as ballots come out, usually 45 days before Election Day.
3) Get an absentee ballot. If you’re registered in your home state and you’re away at school, you can also request an absentee ballot to be sent to your school address. You can call your town clerk to set this up, or you can fill out a form online.

Get excited about the election, tune into the debates, and get informed about the issues! Look for more Her Campus SMCVT articles all about the election, and check in with Rock the Vote if you have any questions about the voting logistics. Let your voice be heard! Happy voting!

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