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my system’s awake at night

and it won’t stop scattering through my veins,

dopamine screeching like the birds

who awaken at the crack of dawn.

hushed whispers spread like butter across my mind,

the taste so magnified—the taste of dreams.

broken pieces scatter in the sun, gravity

connecting them through an unsatisfied need, building

in the back of my mind,

heavy and rusted like an old metal door,

tired of being pried open

and forced shut.

but when the moon rises, 

comforting the sunburns of the earth,

magnets pull the pieces together.

the temporary glue of hope is dangerous,

but a dagger dipped in honey is sickly sweet:

dripping in gold, disillusioning the blood kissing the edge.

laying in bed with a thundering heart, the stars whisper to me.

the dust of my ancestors fills the sky,

glinting with what i could sense was

courage in their eyes.

i danced with them through the night,

kissing strangers

living amongst palm trees

money green in my hand

blood rushing in my cheeks

cupping the face of a woman

opening up to a man

flying with wings that don’t melt—

the sun broke out.

hello! my name is samanvita kasthuri, and i'm a sophomore at saint louis university. i'm majoring in psychology and minoring in dance and american studies! on campus, i'm heavily involved in organizations that promote mental health awareness and resources. my bigggest passion is indian classical dancing in a style called Bharatanatyam, which i've been learning for 14 years now! i'm excited to be writing for Her Campus this year and read amazing works by other lovely writers!
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