20 Underappreciated Vines that Sum Up This Finals Season

1. Professors "offering to help"

2. Trying to make sense of your test questions

3. The rope = classes. The girl = me.

4. Hangry study breaks

5. How this week is going

6. When you get the final grade back

7. Self-explanatory

8. Study guide vs. test

9. Pretending you're okay in the midst of a breakdown

10. My last brain cell looking for company

11. WELL, the tests start comin' and they don't stop...

12. Walking out of your last final like:

13. When you've been studying for days and forget everything you've ever known

14. When your parents call and ask how things are going

15. When you read the first test question

16. Yup

17. My professors vs. me

18. Accepting your fate when you submit the test

19. Blatantly ignoring simple advice that could benefit you

20. But stay HYPE my friends, you're almost done!!!

Good luck on finals, Billikens!!