Why Zac Efron Should Play Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is widely known as America’s most notorious rapist and serial killer. Recently, with Netflix’s release of a documentary series about Bundy, as well as a movie about Bundy premiering at Sundance film festival, the killer’s name has been brought back into conversation. The movie shown at Sundance about Bundy features Zac Efron as the lead. This casting choice has received a lot of criticism within the film industry. Critics claim that Zac is too charming and attractive to portray Ted Bundy. Additionally, there is a fear that casting Zac, a famous American heartthrob, will somehow romanticize the absurd number of crimes he committed between 1974 and 1978. However, Ted Bundy was famous for his looks and his charm. Bundy was able to lure women with his looks and “normal” personality. Such characteristics made him seem like a trustworthy person. So, wasn’t the point of casting Zac Efron to accurately portray Bundy’s charming and attractive nature? 

Kathy Rubin, a survivor of one of Bundy’s many attacks, spoke out about this casting choice in an interview with People magazine. She stated, “I believe that in order to show him exactly the way he was, it’s not really glorifying him, but it’s showing him, and when they do say positive and wonderful things about him… that’s what they saw, that’s what Bundy wanted you to see.” In studying the killer, it is necessary to recognize how Bundy was able to do what he did. Through Zac Efron’s appearance and charm, Bundy’s nature will be captured perfectly.