Let's Talk About Sex on Wednesdays at 9PM

BARE is a club at Skidmore that meets every Wednesday at 9 pm in Ladd 206. It is an open forum to talk about love, sex, gender and intimacy. The goal of this club is to talk about taboo subjects in a healthy and supportive environment. BARE is an inclusive community that encourages members to participate by sharing their own experiences or by being an acitve listener, regardless of one’s sex, gender, sexual identity or sexual preferences. Additionally, several of the e-board members are Peer Health Educators and are available as trained resources to discuss sexual and mental health related problems. 

Every meeting starts off with the reading of the community norms that emphasize the club’s goals and expectations. Then, people volunteer and give a weekend update, it can be sexual, but it does not have to be! Each week has a different theme that the club discusses by the e-board members posing thought provoking questions that pertain to the matter. Some subjects that we have discussed include, labels, hookup culture, porn and intimacy.  

Another cool aspect of BARE is that at the end of the year, members can submit their artwork to the BARE magazine. This magazine is a collection of written works, photographs and various art forms that are all connected to love, sex, gender and intimacy. 

As an e-board member of BARE, I hope to see you there this Wednesday at 9 pm!