Jonathan Stricker, '17

We sat down with Jonathan Stricker, a senior and FOUR-time intramural champion to talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 


Hometown: Newton, MA 

Major/Minor: Biology 

Relationship Status: Lucy Scribner is my dominatrix 


Her Campus: What inspired you to start your professional intramural career at Skidmore? 

Jonathan: I failed a microeconomics exam my freshman year, so when I wanted to compare my exam to another to see what I got wrong, I texted a guy in my class. We talked about supply, demand, and resources, finally landing on the virtues and vices of Marxist deep web economic theory (I got a 0 on that question haha). Obviously, this lead us to a friendly discussion about Soviet culture, and obviously this lead to a heated discussion about the gold medal volleyball match of the 1964 Olympics between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia men’s teams. After, I said, “I like volleyball” he told me his intramural volleyball team (s/o to What 2 Eat) was looking for another player. That is how I got involved. 


HC: Did you think you’d get to where you are now when you first started?

JS: My motto is “no expectations” but I only say that to come off as content with life. I knew I would get here form the start. 


HC: Is there a graduation stoll or cord you get for this honor? 

JS: Preside Glotzbach does not recognize intramural sports as official extracurriculars because he got six-packed in a pickup game one time. The act of getting spiked in the face is now to “get Glotzed”. 


HC: What kind of perks does a 4x intramural champion get at a school like Skidmore?

JS: “Intramural Champion” t-shirts. Intimidating pre=match messages in 


HC: Are you going to be pursuing a career I intramural sports post-grad? 

JS: Multiple European clubs have contacted me to play for them. My goal is to ply in under Nemanja Petric in the Italian SuperLega, but I think I should learn the intricacies of Bulgarian and Russian play first. A common proverb in the Skidmore Intramural Volleyball community is “if you can play in the states once veiled by the Iron Curtain, you can play anywhere.” 


HC: Where do you think a title like this can take you, professionally and athletically? 

JS: Peet’s Coffee looks for quick hands and high verticals. 


HC: Which professional athlete do you identify with the most and why? 

JS: I’ve been referred to Landon Donovan Jr. since my hairline started receding in 8th grade.