If You're From Massachusetts, Vote Yes on Question 3

With midterm elections coming up, it is really important to know the questions on the ballot for your state. If you are from Massachusetts, listen up! On the Massachusetts ballot, question three is attempting to repeal a law from 2016 that makes it unlawful to discriminate a person in a public place based upon their gender identity. In other words, if this law gets repealed, gender discrimination in public places will be legal. Let that sink in.

This ballot question specifically targets the transgender community. Even though public discrimination due to gender identity is illegal, transgender people still face criticism for which bathroom they use and how they dress while in public. Imagine if it becomes legal for these actions to occur. If the vote on question three is no, the transgender community will not be protected under the laws of our country. The United States is a country where everyone should be accepted and protected under the law. What gender you identify as should not be a factor in whether or not the government will protect your right to safely be in a public place.

I am not sure why the bill passed in 2016 is up for debate about being repealed. The transgender community does not hurt anybody by using the bathroom or locker room they find appropriate. At Skidmore College where I go to school, there is a do not ask policy. If you see somebody and think they are using the wrong bathroom, let them be. It is none of your business to decide for another person where they can and cannot use the restroom. According to the Human Rights Campaign, 47% of transgender people are assaulted within their lifetime. If this law gets repealed, being transgender in Massachusetts will be even more dangerous as it already is and we will be letting down the whole transgender community. Please, vote yes on question three.